Thursday, May 26, 2005

Where would you like to go in NZ

I go to Bay of island every twice a year. I really like there , because Bay of island has one of the best maritime parks in New Zealand with the 144 islands and bays. The Bay of Islands region has a bounty of marine life, including whales, penguins, dolphins and many more. I like to watch people swim with's a good place to relaxing fishing boating and so on.
bay of island

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Something I proud of

Someting that I proud of is to be my parent's daught .I really really love them and miss them !If I finish my study I want to take care of them .Mybe then I could do something I like .

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

How to keep fit

How to keep fit is most popular topic these days, no matter men,women,or kids. There are plently of ways to keep fit in a right way.

The first one is to eat a varitety of food ,especially fruits and vegetable.The vegetable have the most vitamin that your body need and it is health food .But sometimes people eat too much, because they don't know when to stop eating .If you are eating to much ,you may feel uncomfortable and overweight.

The second one is drink water and milk most often . Water is most important for your body .If you don't have any food for a week you may die ,but if you don't drink water for a week you must be die.

The third one I feel important is to do sports.You can do lots of sports that you like for expmale:swimming ,running, ice skating ,golf, tennis,biking also you can do sport in your home such as :clean the house, watering the garden ,washing the car,jumping rop,dancing around the bedroom and so on .

Different sports need different skills, so you will try to find one that suit you.

If you are fit your body works well,feel good .But if you don't fit you may get ill and feel un comfortable.

From then on ,keep fitis important for your body and life .

Monday, May 23, 2005

A terrible journey

A few weeks ago I went to bay of island with my brother and his girlfriend and some other people on Easter holidays.It took us about 6 hours to arrived there because of the traffic jam.When we arrived there it's nearly about eight o' clock.Immediately we looked for the motel, unfortunately there were no room left.we looked for all the motels and hotels ,but the answer were same no rooms left.we also found some villages near bay of island.After 11'o clock in the evening we changed our plan, we found a hotel near Ninety miles beach.So we had a rest there.

The second day we got up more early in the moring .When we quickly finished our breakfast in Mcdonald's we started to go to the Ninety miles beach . It's very beatiful there made us comfortable .We saw lots of nice shell there .When we left the beach,my car run into the beach .Bad luck for us .But luckly an old man saw this .he is very strong and good looking ,he put a rope between the two cars .then he went into his car and started engine ,drave for a short distance,my car pulled out of it .we were so happy .

After thanked to the nice man ,we went back to Auckland. Until 8' o clock we arrivaled home .What a terrible journey I will never forget.

Friday, May 13, 2005

The most important festival in our country.

The festival of Spring Festival is one of the most important festival in china. It starts from the begining of spring, which is important festival in China .Chinese people observe Spring Festival in the same way that western people like Chrismas Day.

Dring the festival the families get together and have dinner .Spring Festival is a traditional festival in China .Everyone celebrates the happy days by wearing new clothes and eating all kinds of tasty foods.

The happiest time of a year is the spring Festival, because I could be free from study. The first week of the winter holidays I sleep every day. It is too tired to do anything. After that I watch TV day and night.

Last year on that day, I got up early. My relatives all came to my home. We shook hands to express the New Year's greeting. Then we had a special meal which contained dumplings, hot pot, spring roll, egg cakes and so on. When the night had been coming, we children set off fireworks.We spent the night by dancing, singing and watching TV.I waited for the ringing of the New year.I didn’t feel tired and was very happy.

I enjoy it very much.Now I am looking forword for the next Spring Festival .

Thursday, May 12, 2005


Who is your favourite movie star?

Saturday, May 07, 2005

The first time story

The first time I went abroad was when I went to New Zealand. It was in october about half and two years ago and I went by myself. The plane arrived at 11:00am and the teacher took me to see my homestay.That was the first time to see them,so I was very nervous .there were four people there: my homestay mother , her daughter and her two sons.They were very friendly to me,also gave me lots of help.My homestay mum cooked some delicious kiwi food for me ,although I didn' t like it very much.After dinner I introduced myself to them also they told me something important about lived in New Zealand. I went to bed at 10:00pm and I found it's very difficult to get to sleep, I missed my mum ,my dad. I thought New Zealand was an unfamiliar place to me ,so I was a little afraid about that.Up to about one o'clock in the morning I fell asleep .That was the first day I went abroad.